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We provide customized and quality residential facility management services to premier residential complexes. Unique advantage with UPS is the separate vertical we have to focus on the residential segment. Our well trained workforce & experienced leadership with significant domain knowledge add value in maintaining your community with utmost care and commitment.

Voice of Customer

Voice of the Customer describes the feedback of customers about their experience and expectations with our service. Our customer centric approach helps us to figure out our customer needs, expectation and understanding which will help us to improve our residential facility management services.

Facility Management in Residential Buildings

Technical Services

Operations & Maintenance, Repairs & retrofit, Water Management Energy Management, Fire & Safety, Project Management.

Administration Services

Helpdesk, Accounting, Club House Management, Vendor Management AMC Management, Event Management.

Environmental Services

House Keeping, Gardening, Pest Control, Waste Management Swimming Pool Maintenance, OHT & Sump Cleaning.

Automation Projects

Automated Operator less STP, Smart Water Management.

Consultation Services

Energy Audits, Water Audits, Builder to Association Transition, Assets Snag Audit.

Security Service

Visitor Management, Gate Management, Parking Management CCTV Surveillance.

Residential Facility Management Services include:

Our Clients


Grand Estancia
The UPS-designed, installed, and commissioned heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning system is operating extremely satisfactorily.
Mr. Sridhar
Abode Valley Owners association
The system working in just 2 days was a fairytale conclusion. Nothing but praise for the entire crew would be appropriate. The crew has consistently performed admirably in meeting everyday needs. The UPS team at the AV location should receive full credit for the ongoing contract awards.
M.E Janarthanan - President
Orchard Apartments owner’s association
We are quite happy with their exemplary services. We are very appreciative of the commitment and hard work of their employees. The complex facilities would always remain modern.Thanks to their excellent monitoring and vigilance.
N.Thiagarajan - Secretary
If someone else was looking for facilities management services, would we suggest they choose UPS? The answer is unquestionably yes. It would be among the best choices made, in our opinion.
Ajay Devaraj
KGEYES Residency Pvt Ltd
Great work, and a great report. We appreciate you escalating the prompt report to our Management. Our team was incredibly grateful for it.
Ms. Vijayalakshmi Customer Care Manager
VGN Stafford
Since 2017, there have been 1300 homes on 20 acres, and I am the secretary of the VGN association. Our relationship with UPS is very positive, and both Mr. Balaji and the new employee, Mr. Karthik, are hardworking and patient. Even though at first UPS found it challenging to accept service requests, with time and effort they have been providing excellent services. Thanks to the crew.
I have been residing in Casagrand Irene for a year, and the UPS team's upkeep of the facility is too good and their reaction time is really swift. Much obliged.
Embassy Residency
I work as the residence's secretary. This year, UPS was chosen as a facility management vendor because of their efficiency. Within SLA, they had nearly closed 90% of the tickets. A woman who was caught in a fire from her kitchen was saved by one of the fire safety personnel. Enjoy your affiliation with UPS.
OM KARTHIK - Embassy residency-Secretary
I live in Kochar Panchsheel flat and work there as an estate manager. An effective mock fire drill was carried out by the UPS team for the residents. We received instruction on how to utilise fire extinguishers in a crisis. They performed a fantastic job of helping us during the pandemic by being here. They received a great deal of praise for their earnest efforts in resolving internal problems and building strong bonds with the locals. For the following term as well, I would suggest UPS.
LAVANYA YUVARAJ - Estate Manager
K G Good Fortune
Since last year, we have been affiliated with UPS. We appreciate UPS team in stabilizing and putting things in proper perspective in transition stage and for establishing documentation from scratch. We now have records pertaining to everything, including an inventory of all the bulbs and tubes. Mr. Venkatesh has taken up the face of KG fortune. Thank you team.
CG Irene
I'm an IT professional working on a paper about cybercrime. This is a neighbourhood with Elite residents. In addition to recognising UPS for the manner they provide their clients with services, I'd like to thank Mr. Rajasekar. He assumed responsibility for water management and has done a great job up to this point. Usually, we extend the contract for another year, but this time, we extended it for 3 years pleased with their assistance. I appreciate UPS.
Kochar panchsheel
I want to express my gratitude to the UPS team and the trainer Mr. Illambharathi for teaching the residents about fire drill principles and teaching them how to utilise fire extinguishers when necessary. In order to meet the expectations of the association and residents, they have been working on daily routine management services, cleaning operations, and maintaining the premises neat.
Thank you UPS team
ASHOK KUMAR - Treasurer
Irene Manapakkam's secretary here at Casagrand. For the past two years, UPS has served as our vendor. The maintenance activities have been well-cared for by Mr. Lakshmanan today regardless of any consumer concerns. My satisfaction with UPS is the highest.

Why UPS for Residential Facility Management Services?

Acting as an extended arm of the customers.

We manage and maintain facility management in residential buildings with utmost care and deliver our services in a transparent, trustworthy and responsive manner.


We have a blended operating model where more than 80% of the services are self-performed employing trained and skilled manpower directly on our payrolls. All services except security and pest control is outsourced.

Trained & dedicated team at site level

It is our model that we employ trained and skilled manpower on our rolls. Further, we have a Training Cell to impart required training on various skill set to our employees. We upgrade their skill in a constant interval through our skill matrix approach.

100% Compliances on statutory matters.

We 100% comply with required statutory matters under various labour legislations, GST, and IT applicable to us.

Use of technology & quality management systems.

We facilitate the use of technology platforms (like CMMS and IOT) and a process-driven approach for facility management in residential buildings. This approach leads to optimisation of resources, improved operating efficiency, reduced asset energy & maintenance costs.

Governance redressal & review mechanism.

At UPS, we have a stringent governance & review mechanisms for the performance of our on-site teams as well as our service partners. Reviews are scheduled periodically with different stakeholders at various frequencies not only help us in meeting customer expectations but also to showcase our performance during a given period.

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